dFlow is FREE FLOW

Digicon introduces the FREE FLOW concept for access control gates. Gates with normally closed doors are behind the times. Forget having to wait for each user to pass before the next can be validated.

Actually, forget everything you know about gates.

Digicon introduces a new vision for access control gates – one with continuous flows and normally open doors. dFlow is FREE FLOW, ushering new levels of comfort and security. Instead of obstructing users, these are instead welcomed with a fully open passageway and a distinctive system of visual identification. In the event access is not granted, the gate doors will close in proportion to the proximity and speed of the non-authorized user. All this thanks to a revolutionary imaging system, which monitors the entire gate instead of a limited number of specific sectors.

What is a FREE FLOW gate?

Its a whole new concept. The doors are normally open. Traditional gates have their doors normally closed. It is this new paradigm that differentiates a FREE FLOW gate from all those available until now. dFlow is the first gate that fits perfectly within the FREE FLOW concept.

Normally open doors

dFlow is not just an evolutionary product. It represents a whole new category in access control gates. The technology developed by Digicon is able to detect with high levels of accuracy one or more users moving in any direction within the passage area. This precision allows authorized users to encounter open doors that will only close when one or more unauthorized users are detected.

Closing Doors

Although it seems that dFlow is always open, it actually does have "swing gate" doors. These are activated only when one or more unauthorized users, including tailgaters and piggy backers, try to pass through the gate. The closing mechanism is fast and accurate. A modern imaging system feeds data to sophisticated algorithms that control the acceleration and position of the barriers based on the location, speed and direction of movement of unauthorized users.

Bidirectional Flow

dFlow can be configured for unidirectional or bidirectional access in widths ranging from 500mm up to over 914mm. By precisely identifying unauthorized users, dFlow technology permits a 914 mm (36”) gate to be used by ordinary and special needs users with the same or better effectiveness than traditional 560 mm (22”) or 711 mm (28”) gate.

Distinctive user windows

Indicative LED “windows” follow the user through the gate with different colors for different user groups. The flexibility of dFlow allows for other user groups to be identified by a wide range of colors. The result is more comfort for the user and more security and information for the access control system.

Innovative Imaging System

The dFlow imaging system is equivalent to an almost infinite number of traditional IR sensors, bringing a new level of precision in the identification of unauthorized users. The algorithms developed by Digicon are able to accurately identify people and ignore objects such as bags, hats, caps, backpacks, cell phones and others. They can also identify and track multiple users entering or leaving the passage area.

Identification Technologies

dFlow accepts traditional identification technologies, such as bar code, RFID, MIFARE and fingerprint biometry. The integration with these technologies follows normal patterns used in traditional gates and turnstiles. dFlow is also ready for the new biometric contactless technologies that are emerging: facial or iris recognition and “finger on the fly”.

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