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Digicon introduces a new vision for access control gates – one with continuous flows, normally open doors and new levels of comfort and security. Instead of obstructing users, these are instead welcomed with a fully open passageway and a distinctive system of visual identification. In the event access is not granted, the gate doors will close in proportion to the proximity and speed of the non-authorized user. All this thanks to a revolutionary imaging system.

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E01 - The dFlow Concept: a new paradigm in access control gates

Why are all gates normally closed if the great majority of users are authorized? Why not close only for unauthorized users, the minority? dFlow is a new paradigm with normally open doors, that brings more comfort, faster flows, with higher levels of accessibility and security.

E02 - How dFlow works: faster flows, more technology and security

As we started to develop the concept of dflow, we realized that we had to completely change the way traditional gates do user tracking. An overhead sensor basically allows us to have an almost infinite amount of sensors both in the vertical and horizontal planes.

E03 - Why is dFlow different: overview of what dFlow's technology can accomplish

A brief presentation of dFlow's unique features, that no other access control gate in the market can perform: much higher levels of precision, normally open doors that close only for unauthorized users and visual identification of user groups.

E04 - dFlow open doors concept - dealing with unauthorized users

In this video, you will understand how dFlow treats only the exception (the unauthorized user), instead of treating everyone as an exception. A sophisticated algorithm is constantly identifying the position of the unauthorized user within the gated area, his speed at that position and his direction of movement.

E05 - Simultaneous bidirectionality with dFlow

One of the interesting features of wider gates that are normally open is that they allow simultaneous biderectionality. This is the ability for two users to pass through the gate at the same time in the same or opposite direction, allowing faster throughputs and maybe even less gates in your application.

E06 - dFlow uses colored lights to rapidly identify user groups

In this episode, we explore something you might have noticed in the other videos: the side bar lights that follow the users. They identify different user groups. Lets use a school as an example: students would be identified in white, professors in blue and parents in green.

E07 - Unicity in access control using dFlow

Unicity is an interesting concept. In access control it means that the person being validated is indeed an authorized user and will be tracked correctly, without having his ”unicity” erroneoulsy transferred to another. dFlow has a lot of software and guaranteeing unicity is one of the most important algorithms. In fact, dFlow is the first access control gate that can truly treat unicity in real life applications.

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